Mughal Empire Kings Family Tree Complete Notes for SSC, Banking

mughal empire kings family tree complete notes

MUGHAL EMPIRE (1526 AD-1857 AD)  In this article you get complete note on Mughal Empire Kings Complete Notes for SSC, Banking, UPSC and all competitive exams. The Mughal Empire had two types of rulers: (1) Great Mughal rulers (2) Later Mughals  The great Mughals rulers were: (1) Babur (1526 AD-1530 AD) (2) Humayun (1530AD-1540AD) (3) Akbar  (1556AD-1605AD) (4) … Read more

Indian Dynasty-(North to South India) Chola, Gupta, Satavahana, Chalukyas

indian dynasty north to south india

NORTH INDIAN DYNASTY  There were different North Indian Dynasty in India. Pushyabhuti Dynasty Pala dynasty Sen dynasty Pratihara dynasty Chahamana or Chouhan dynasty Sisodiya dynasty Rasthrakuta dynasty Vakataka Dynasty 1. PUSHYABHUTI DYNASTY (500AD-647AD) The rulers were – Pushyabhuti ( 550-555), Aditya Vardhan (555-580), Prabhakar Vardhan ( 580 – 605), Rajya Vardhan (605-606), Harsh Vardhan (606-647). … Read more

Buddhism And Jainism Notes For UPSC

buddhism and jainism notes for upsc

In this article you get Buddhism And Jainism Notes For UPSC Buddhism And Jainism It was founded by Gautam Buddha. His original name was Sidharth & nickname Gaura. He is known as Sakyamuni \& Tathagatha. He was the 9th incarnation of god. He is also named as the ‘Light of Asia’.(Buddhism And Jainism Notes For … Read more

VEDIC AGE – Early & Later with Social, Political, Economic, Cultural Life Notes

vedic age early later

 VEDIC AGE (1500BC-600BC) The word Veda comes from the root “Vidi” which means knowledge. The people of Vedic age were Aryan. It means a newcomer. They were not originally inhabited.  Dravidian was the original habitat in India. They were seminomadic people. They came to India through Khyber Pass. According to different historians the original home … Read more

What is Prehistory – Paleolithic, Neolithic & Mesolithic Age Notes

what is prehistory paleolithic neolithic mesolithic age notes

In this article, you get complete brief notes about What is Prehistory – Paleolithic, Neolithic & Mesolithic Age Notes with Indus valley civilization. What is Prehistory? The study of the history of mankind from the time of emerging from animal ancestry to the time of written history is called Pre-history. Father of Pre-history – Robert … Read more