Indian Economy

In this section, you can practice Indian economy chapter wise MCQ questions and answers for competitive exams. These Indian Economy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are helpful for SSC, State and all Examinations of India. Practice Objective Questions on the Indian Economy for SSC, OSSC, UPSC other state and central Govt examinations.

Indian Economy MCQs Chapter Wise

  1. Highlights of Indian Economy
  2. Economy and Economics
  3. Characteristics of the Indian Economy
  4. Agriculture and Land Development
  5. National Income
  6. Economic Planning and Development
  7. Unemployment and Employment
  8. Trade and Commerce
  9. New Economic Policy
  10. Indian Financial System
  11. Indian Fiscal System
  12. Money, Banking and Insurance in India
  13. Tax System
  14. Industry
  15. Industrial Performance
  16. Foreign Trade
  17. Some Noteworthy Facts
  18. Some Economic and Financial Terms
  19. Miscellaneous

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