Indian Polity and Constitution

For more practice and a clear understanding of the Indian polity and constitution topics, we are providing complete practice sets with 1000+ MCQs on Indian Polity & Governance. Practice these Indian Polity & Constitution MCQs daily to improve your marks on competitive examinations

Indian Polity MCQ Chapter Wise

  1. Indian Polity and Constitution
  2. Evolution of the Indian Constitution
  3. Constituent Assembly and Making of the Constitution
  4. Different Sources of Indian Constitution
  5. Important Parts, Articles of the Constitution
  6. Schedules of Indian Constitution
  7. Special Features of Indian Constitution
  8. Federal and Unitary Features of the Indian Union
  9. The Preamble, 9. Lapse of Paramountcy
  10. Integration and Merger of Indian States
  11. The Union and its Territories
  12. Reorganization of States
  13. Citizenship
  14. Fundamental Rights
  15. The Writs,
  16. Directive Principles of State Policy
  17. Fundamental Duties
  18. Procedure for Amending the Constitution
  19. The Doctrine of Basic Features
  20. Some Important Constitutional Amendment Acts,
  21. Executive of the Union
  22. The President
  23. The Vice-President
  24. The Prime Minister and The Union Council of Ministers
  25. The Attorney-General for India
  26. The Comptroller & Auditor-General of India
  27. The Parliament of India
  28. Parliamentary Terms
  29. The Supreme Court
  30. The High Court
  31. Centre-State Relations
  32. Executive of the States
  33. Panchayati Raj
  34. Municipalities,
  35. Inter-State Relations
  36. Planning Commission
  37. NITI Aayog
  38. National Development Council (NDC)
  39. National Integration Council
  40. Finance Commission
  41. Emergency Provisions
  42. Public Service Commissions
  43. Election
  44. Delimitation Commission of India
  45. The Official Languages
  46. National Symbols
  47. Some Important Comments
  48. Some Important Statements
  49. Miscellaneous

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