Structure of DNA-Properties, Types, Functions

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In this article you will know complete about DNA like what is DNA, Structure of DNA- Definition, Properties, Types, Functions, Replications, Complete Notes What is DNA DNA is a molecule in which the genetic code of any person and almost all beings is present. DNA is also present in plants, animals, protists, bacteria and archaea. … Read more

Classification of Plant Kingdom Class 11 Notes

classification of plant kingdom

Plant Kingdom – Definition, Classifications, and Characteristics The plant kingdom is the plant that contains all the plants in the world. These are multicellular eukaryotes. Characteristically, they have a rigid structure around the cell membrane called the cell wall. Plants have green pigment, which is very important for photosynthesis. Therefore, they have an autotrophic pattern … Read more

Classification of Living Organisms Class 11 Notes

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Classification of Living Organisms Since the dawn of civilization, several attempts have been made to classify organisms. It was created naturally without the use of scientific standards, but removed from the need to use organisms for our own use in food, shelter, and clothing. Aristotle first laid the scientific basis for the Classification of Living … Read more

Difference Between Living And Nonliving Organisms Biology Notes

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Everyone easily understands the difference between living and nonliving organisms. But to define life is a difficult task. We describe the unique personnel that organisms develop, such as movement or locomotion, digestion, respiration, excretion, response to stimuli and adaptation to changing circumstances. Some internal processes that are not perceived externally include metabolic reactions, action of … Read more