Structure Of Atmosphere Class 11 Notes

What is the atmosphere? Definition: Atmosphere is a combination of two words ‘Atmo’ and ‘sphere’. This means that part of the Earth is ‘air’. Various scientists have defined the ‘atmosphere’ in their own way. (Structure Of Atmosphere Class 11 Notes) … Read more

Class 11 Geography Chapter 2 Notes

Definition of Rocks A rock can be defined as total minerals. Sometimes single or whole types of minerals, such as rock salt and lime, are more common than two or more different minerals.(Class 11 Geography Chapter 2 Notes) Rocks have … Read more

Class 9 Geography Chapter 2 Notes

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Class 12 Geography Chapter 1 Notes

Human Geography: Nature And Scope In this article yo will get Class 12 Geography Chapter 1 Notes. We also know the important branches of geography which originate from its body. We know geography as a field of study that is … Read more