Quiz On Cell Structure And Function | Biology Gk SET 1

Quiz On Cell Structure And Function

Let’s practice quiz on cell structure and function online test. Here you can practice a quiz on cell biology, MCQ quiz on cell biology with answers completely chapter-wise. Practice daily gk quiz online quiz test at examstudylive.com to makes your static gk ability faster.

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These Biology MCQs quiz on cell structure and function questions are beneficial for those aspirants who have to prepare Staff Selection Commission(SSC) CGL, CHSL (10+2), MTS, SSC CPO, Union Public Service Commission(UPSC),  Indian Administrative Service(IAS), Combined Defence Services(CDS), National Defence Academy(NDA), FSSAI, CWC, RRB NTPC, FCI, LIC, ESIC, SBIIBPS, RBI, AAI, DRDO, ISRO, NTRO, State Level ExamsUPSC & Various Competitive Exams. etc.

Quiz On Cell Structure And Function

Practice Quiz On Cell Structure And Function online biology quiz on cell structure and function to gain complete knowledge of general science for competitive exams. Following are the MCQ for your practice.

1. Father of Zoology

(a) Theophrastus

(b) Aristotle

(c) Micheli

(d) WM Stanley

Ans: (b) Aristotle

2. Which is common for plant & animal

(a) Centrosome

(b) Chloroplast

(c) Lysosome

(d) Plasma Membrane

Ans: (d) Plasma Membrane

3. Smallest animal cell is

(a) Ostrich cell

(b) Mycoplasma

(c) Amoeba

(d) Duckweed

Ans: (b) Mycoplasma

4. Lysosome are formed from

(a) ER

(b) Golgi body

(c) Nucleus

(d) Nucleus

Ans: (b) Golgi body

5. Largest cell organelle is

(a) EndoplasmicReticulum

(b) Golgi apparatus

(c) Mitochondria

(d) Nucleus

Ans: (b) Golgi apparatus

6. Which cell organelle is called “Suicide bag”.

(a) Mitochondria



(d) Lysosome

Ans: (d) Lysosome

7. Which cell organelle helps in cell division?

(a) Ribosome

(b) Centrosome

(c) Nucleus

(d) ER

Ans: (b) Centrosome

8. Which cell organelle is called the Powerhouse of cell?

(a) Mitochondria

(b) Microbodies

(c) Lysosome

(d) Nucleus

Ans: (a) Mitochondria

9. Which cell organelle helps in protein synthesis

(a) Lysosome

(b) Centrosome

(c) Ribosome

(d) ER

Ans: (c) Ribosome

10. “rRNA” produced form

(a) Nucleus

(b) Nucleolus

(c) ER

(d) Vacuole

Ans: (a) Nucleus

11. Nucleus is discovered by

(a) Roberthook

(b) Robert Koch

(c) Robert Brown

(d) None of these

Ans: (c) Robert Brown

12. Which is not present in animal cells?

(a) Cell Wall

(b) Peroxisome

(c) Plastid

(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

Ans: (a) Cell Wall

13. Structural unit of Chloroplast is

(a) Stroma

(b) Granna

(c) Granum

(d) Thylakoid

Ans: (b) Granna

14. Cell wall is

(a) Unilayer

(b) Bilayer

(c) Trilayer

(d) Tetra layer

Ans: (b) Bilayer

15. the Main constituent of the Plasma membrane is

(a) Lipid

(b) Protein

(c) Fat

(d) Phospholipid

Ans: (a) Lipid

16. “Fluid mosaic” model is found in

(a) Chloroplast

(b) Lysosome

(c) Cell wall

(d) Plasma membrane

Ans: (d) Plasma membrane

17. Smallest cell organelle is

(a) Peroxisome

(b) Ribosome

(c) Lysosome

(d) Mitochondria

Ans: (b) Ribosome

18. Which of the following store starch

(a) Chloroplast

(b) Chromoplast

(c) Leucoplast

(d) Amyloplast

Ans: (c) Leucoplast

19. Material within the living cell excluding the Nucleus is

(a) Protoplasm


(c) Leucoplast

(d) Amyloplast

Ans: (b)Cytoplasm

20. “Chromosomes” present in

(a) Mitochondria

(b) Lysosome

(c) Ribosome

(d) Nucleus

Ans: (d) Nucleus

21. Cell wall was discovered by

(a) Aristotle

(b) Theophrastus

(c) Robert Hook

(d) All of these

Ans: (c) Robert Hook

22. Outer membrane of the Vacuole is called

(a) Cell wall

(b) Cell membrane

(c) Tonoplast

(d) None of these

Ans: (c) Tonoplast

23. Which of the following stores Fat?

(a) Elaioplast

(b) Amyloplast

(c) Chromoplast

(d) Chloroplast

Ans: (a) Elaioplast

24. Largest human cell is

(a) Sperm

(b) Ovum

(c) Neuron

(d) Liver cell

Ans: (b) Ovum

25. Which of the cell organelle/s is/are absent in Plant cell

(a) Centrosome

(b) Mitochondria

(c) Lysosome

(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

Ans: (a) Centrosome

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