7 Ways To Improve Memory Power For Student

How does increase memory power?

It is very important to have good memory applied in the field of education. A normal person may have a good memory but there are some people who, despite being normal, do not have a good memory. In this article, we will tell you 7 ways to improve memory power for students.

It becomes very difficult for students to read if their memory is weak. Children with weak memories have a lot of difficulty in memorizing the questions and answers, even they get daily punishment from the teacher. 

7 Ways To Improve Memory Power For Student

All of us have taught in school and if you are a student, you must have seen many children studying in school right now who would hear a a lot of scolding by the teacher in their class due to low memory power. But this is not a very big problem, if it is taken care of, then this problem can be conquered.

Through this article, we will show you the way through which you can increase your memory. If you read this article carefully then you will understand by the end ways to improve memory power. 

how to improve memory power?

First of all, you have to understand how our brain works. If you understand the method of its functioning, then it becomes easy for you how you want to use your brain.

Conscious Mind

This is the part of the brain that we currently use to direct our body. Like I have decided that I will sit down reading this chapter and finish this chapter, then maybe this mind will be ready for this or it will feel that there is no mind to read at all.

But we can do this mind a little too easily.

Ponvansius mind

It is the part of our brain that is always asleep but it is the most powerful.

Our way of speaking, the way of walking, our habits, all of them store in this part of our brain or how it is safe and accordingly our body also performs its daily work.

The only way this part of the brain can be controlled is the Conscious Mind. But it is not so easy to control the smile from the phone, but with our determination, we can deliver it to the subconscious mind every day by that person. In a way, the way of the Sonsius Mind is the door of the Conscious Mind.

That is, if we want to change our daily use and improve it, then we have to tell our mind daily from Joe that I have to do this work in this way, then after a few days we did this new experiment in our Conscientious Mind. Go Will be added

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How does the brain work?

We have told you above that the way the brain works is divided into two parts, in which we told you that which smiled governs our present work, that is our thonnius mind which is the most is big. There is an emotional part.

Every human has a brain, but someone uses it in small quantities and someone uses it in large quantities. Just as every person has hands and feet, yet the speed of everyone’s run may not be the same, if someone runs fast, then someone runs at a slow pace. So those who run at a slow pace try to run every day to practice and thus increase their speed.

In the same way, we can get up from the daily practice of remembering our mind, yes it is absolutely possible that it is not a miracle but is dependent on practice. Here we will tell you about the same methods that you have to practice and your mind will also help in remembering well.

Best way to increase the power of Memory

Till now we have understood how the brain works and how it is divided into how many parts it has.

Let us now know what are the ways by which any person can increase his brain’s ability to function.

1. Get up early in the morning and do not wake up late at night

In the first point here, we have already told you that you have a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day, but this does not mean that you will be sleeping till 10:00 am.

There is a saying in English: Early to Bed and Early to Rise. It means to sleep early and wake up early. If you sleep between 9:00 to 10:00 every day, then between 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning. Occur. Sleep can occur and your sleep will be complete.

2. Get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep per day

Our body is a machine and it also has its limitations. We have 24 hours every day, in which 7 to 8 hours if you sleep well then what will be the first important step in giving good foundation to your brain. For the whole body to work well, it is necessary to relax the mind as well.

If you go to any doctor and you do not have any complaints related to your brain, then their first advice would be that you get good sleep.

After a good sleep, when a person wakes up in the morning, it flies with full freshness, and the mind is also refreshed. But it is not just to do 1 day, you have to follow the type routine every day to successfully support your first step.

3. Generating Interest

When you watch a movie you like, won’t you remember its story? Of course, you will also remember a lot of dialogues. How long did you try to remember while you were watching the film? No, yes.

You were so much interested in that film and loved it so much that she was watching you like this. This is the biggest reason. You were watching that film with great interest, due to which you remembered his story without working hard and many of his dialogues were also missed.

If you rub up on your studies, then you will wake up, then you will not remember the topics related to studies. Just remember that you have to make it sit in your mind. if You like it and you want to learn it.

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4. Practice through concentration sheet

You are in the market and go to the bookstore and get a concentration seat. There is a kind of colored seat in which the diagrams are made. They work to activate different parts of your brain.

Yes, I have used it and I have also felt its effect. I have used this concentration sheet daily during my studies by sticking this concentration sheet on the wall inside my room. I got to see its amazing effects.

After looking at this seat for half an hour continuously, different shapes are seen. When you keep looking at that seat for so long, different types of shapes will appear in that seat.

5. Create visuals

Have you ever heard stories from your grandmother or grandmother during your childhood? When we are in childhood and listen to stories, only by listening to we visualize them.

Yes, just like a film, our photo starts being made in our mind. For this reason, the story that is told to us by our grandmother or grandmother is also well remembered.

Whenever he remembers the story or tells it to others, the same scene returns to the front. This is what we call visualization.

If you use this visualization technique in today’s time, then you will be easily able to remember any type of topic. Whether it is the math formula or any equation of chemistry.

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6. Watch the topic through video

As far as I have experienced, it has come to know that reading a book makes more sense to a person than to see visuals. Just as in the earlier point we told you that the story of the movie watcher is understandable.

When we read books, we feel sleepy. Why should you not understand the topic that you are reading, even after watching the video, Juna

Yes of course you will understand this topic very well. Suppose there will be many such topics about which you are not going to get any video at all, then here you can do one thing that you are recording that topic by speaking in your voice and store it in your mobile phone and keep it read and To maintain oneself when needed.

7. Include food that enhances memory

Eating things are very beneficial for enhancing the memories of the mind, including Clark green vigilantes, garlic lentils, curd leaves, cabbage flower bug watermelon carrot gourd beetroot.

Apart from this, eat almonds in all of these, because almonds are most beneficial in increasing memory.

The conclusion

It is very important for the children of reading to have a good memory because when there is no memory, neither study is good nor mind is spent in reading.

Every person is able to do his work as per his memory. Such problems can also occur to a common person, whose brain usually works normally. Sometimes such problems are seen because she does not want to try with her mind.

That is why in this post today we gave information about how much the power of remembering increases. We just knew about the various ways to increase memory. We hope you enjoy this article.

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