Difference Between Living And Nonliving Organisms Biology Notes

living and non living organism notes

Everyone easily understands the difference between living and nonliving organisms. But to define life is a difficult task. We describe the unique personnel that organisms develop, such as movement or locomotion, digestion, respiration, excretion, response to stimuli and adaptation to changing circumstances. Some internal processes that are not perceived externally include metabolic reactions, action of … Read more

Electric Field – Definition, Formula, unit, Direction, Field lines

electric field image

What Is An Electric Field Definition: Electric field is a region of the space around a charge or system of other charges if another charge is brought in to experience a force. It should be noted that the presence of an electric field around a system of charges even if when there is no charge … Read more

Electric Charge: Definition, History, Units, Types & Characteristics

electric charge

What is an electric charge? Electric charge is defined as the source of the electric field because charges are responsible for creating an electric field. Material like electron, proton, and neutron having some basic properties apart from their masses, and these additional properties create an electrical force are called electric charge. The charge can not … Read more