In This section, we covered Geography 50+ Topicwise MCQ For Competitive Exams. Practice this geography for competitive exams MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), which covers the latest Indian geography topics for competitive exams like SSC, Railway, State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations.

Indian Geography MCQs Chapter Wise

  1. Highlights of Indian Geography
  2. Indian’s Contribution in Geography
  3. Members of the Solar System
  4. Some Notable Facts About Various
  5. Planets and Satellites
  6. Earth’s Galaxy: The Milky Way
  7. The Earth: Shape and Size
  8. Mount Everest
  9. Oceans on the Earth
  10. Biosphere
  11. Lithosphere
  12. Hydrosphere
  13. Latitude and Longitude
  14. Heat Zones of the Earth
  15. Rocks
  16. Earth and its Relation with the Sun
  17. Coriolis Effect
  18. Atmosphere
  19. Winds
  20. Clouds
  21. Rain Fall
  22. Islands
  23. Internal Structure of the Earth
  24. Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  25. World Distribution of Volcanoes
  26. Various Landforms
  27. The Indian Subcontinent: Postition, Extent and Physical Features,
  28. The Island Groups
  29. Soil Resources of the Indian Sub-continent
  30. Agriculture in India
  31. Minerals in India
  32. Major Industries of India
  33. India State of Forest Report 2019
  34. The Drainage System of India
  35. The River Systems of the Himalayan Drainage
  36. The Peninsular Drainage System
  37. Power Resources of India
  38. Multipurpose Projects of India
  39. Transport in India
  40. Road Transport
  41. Bhupen Hazarika Setu
  42. One Nation One FASTag Scheme
  43. Civil Aviation
  44. Maritime
  45. Transport
  46. India Facts and Figures
  47. States and UTs and their Capitals,
  48. Census
  49. Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in India,
  50. General Introduction to Asia
  51. Important Discoveries (World)
  52. Major Canals of the World
  53. Habitat of Some Important Tribes
  54. Map Lines
  55. Glossary of Geographical Terms
  56. Miscellaneous Question and Answers

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