BSc Mathematical Physics Notes

Mathematical physics is the development of mathematical methods for application to problems in physics. It deals with the application of mathematics, mathematical tools, and mathematical methods in the theories of BSc physics. In this section, you can get a complete BSc Mathematical Physics Notes pdf. These notes cover all chapters which include long question answers. Here we can cover Berhampur University Syllabus completely and the material is relevant to other universities too. 

In mathematical physics, you have to read chapters like Vector Calculus, integrals, Differentiation, Dirac Delta function, etc. we provided mathematical physics pdf Notes in the below table.

In BSc physics syllabus mathematical physics is divided into three parts such as

  1. Mathematical Physics-I
  2. Mathematical Physics-II
  3. Mathematical Physics-III

BSc Mathematical Physics Notes Chapter Wise

We cover the following topics to make notes on BSc mathematical physics. It is really helpful for students to make homework notes for their physics studies.

Mathematical Physics-I Topics Wise Notes

  • Vector Calculus
  • Vector Differentiation
  • Calculus
  • Dirac Delta function and its properties
  • Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates
  • Vector Integration

Mathematical Physics-II Topics Wise Notes

  • Fourier Series
  • Some Special Integrals
  • Theory of Errors
  • Frobenius Method and Special Functions
  • Partial Differential Equations

Mathematical Physics-III Topics Wise Notes

  • Complex Analysis
  • Calculus of Residues
  • Integrals Transforms
  • Laplace Transforms

Mathematical Physics Books

Here is the list of best books of BSc mathematical physics

  1. Mathematical Physics–H. K. Dass, Dr. Rama Verma (S. Chand Higher Academics) 6th Edition 2011.
  2. Mathematical Methods for Physicists, G.B. Arfken, H.J. Weber, F.E. Harris, 2013, 7thEdn., Elsevier.
  3. An introduction to ordinary differential equations, E.A. Coddington, 2009, PHI learning.
  4. Calculus of variations: Eulers equation, Constrained Maxima/Minima using Langragian Multipliers Differential Equations, George F. Simmons, 2007, McGraw Hill.
  5. Mathematical Tools for Physics, James Nearing, 2010, Dover Publications.
  6. Mathematical methods for Scientists and Engineers, D.A. McQuarrie, 2003, Viva Book.
  7. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, D.G. Zill and W.S. Wright, 5 Ed., 2012, Jones and Bartlett Learning.
  8. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Erwin Kreyszig, 2008, Wiley India.
  9. Essential Mathematical Methods, K.F. Riley & M.P. Hobson, 2011, Cambridge Univ. Press.
  10. Mathematical Physics and Special Relativity –M. Das, P.K. Jena and B.K. Dash (Sri Krishna Prakashan) 2nd Edition 2009.
  11. Mathematical Physics –C. Harper, (Prentice Hall India) 2006.
  12. Mathematical Physics-Goswami (Cengage Learning) 2014.
  13. Mathematical Method for Physical Sciences — M. L. Boas (Wiley India) 2006.
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