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Fundamental of Computer MCQs SET- 2 – Computer Basic MCQs

Q11. In which computers, computation is carried out with physical quantities such as voltage, length, current, temperature, etc

A) Digital
B) Analog
C) Hybrid
D) Micro computer

Q12. This type of computer(s) is/are the least powerful, yet the most widely used and fastest-growing computer?

A) Mainframe compute
B) Super computer
C) Micro computers
D) All of these
Micro computers

Q13. A mini computer defined as

A) A small digital computer, which normally is able to process and store data more than microcomputer
B) Computer which does not consist hard disk
C) The special purpose computer
D) All of the above
A small digital computer, which normally is able to process and store data more than microcomputer

Q14. Mini computers are the?

A) Multi-user system
B) Multi-processor system
C) Single user system
D) Single-processes system
Multi-user system

Q15. Which of the following is available in the form of a PC now?

A) Mainframe
B) Micro computer
C) Mini computer
D) Both (b) and (c)
Micro computer

Q16. A single bus structure is primarily found in

A) Mainframes
B) Super computers
C) High performance machines
D) Mini and micro computers
Mini and micro computers

Q17. Which of the following is single user computer with many features and good processing power?

A) Workstation
B) Minicomputer
C) Microcomputer
D) Supercomputer

Q18. Number crunchier is the informal name for

A) Minicomputer
B) Super computer
C) Micro computer
D) Mainframe computer
Super computer

Q19. Which of the following computer is used in weather forecasting?

A) Notebook computers
B) Super computers
C) Tablet
D) Micro computers
Super computers

Q20. Choose the odd one out

A) Micro computer
B) Mini computer
C) Super computer
D) Notebook computer
E) Digital Computer
Digital Computer

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