Ancient History of Odisha MCQ Quiz

Ancient history of Odisha MCQs and Answers For OPSC, ASO, OSSC, OSSSC, Odisha RI, AMIN, ARI, and other examinations of Odisha state.

Odisha History GK MCQ for Odisha Exams

The following Ancient History of Odisha General Knowledge multiple choice questions are collected from different sources of Odisha gk book, Practice these questions helps the students & aspirants who prepare for Odisha level state Competitive exams. 

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Here are the Most important ancient Odisha History GK MCQ objective Questions with answers.

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1. Which among the following pre historic site in Odisha belongs to Neolithic era?

2. Which of the following coins suggest that trade and commerce existed in Odisha?

3. The earliest coins available in Odisha are

4. Which of the following inscriptions, throws light on the administration of Asoka in Kalinga?

5. Which of the following excavation site is not a part of ‘Diamond Triangle’ of Odishan archaeology?

6. Greek historian Pliny mentions Odisha by which name

7. Which among the following is a Buddhist Literary Source ofOdisha’s ancient history?

8. Which literary source mentioned Odisha as Kalinganagara situated on the West of Gomti river?

9. Which literary source mentions about Kalinga and Odra and its sacred river Baitarani and Goddess Viraja?

10. What is the pre-historic name of Odisha?

11. The capital of Kalinga according to Jain and Buddhist literature in ancient times was-

12. Who were the rulers of Kalinga before the establishment of Maurya dynasty?

13. King Asoka became Buddhist after he was horrified with the tyranny of KalingaWar. It was in:

14. What was the capital of Kalinga after its annexation with Magadha empire?

15. Hathigumpha inscription in Udayagiri near Bhubaneswar gives information about which dynasty of ancient Odisha?

16. Which among these is not a principality of Kalinga during the Guptas?

17. Which Mathora king declared himself as Lord of the Kalinga?

18. Who among the following transferred his capital from Simhapura to Pishtapura?

19. Nala dynasty (4-5 century AD) was centered around which modern districts of Odisha?

20. The Meghas ruled over which part of Kosala?

21. After the downfall of Gupta empire, many regional kingdoms emerged in Odisha from 6-9th century AD. Which is not one among them?

22. The territory of the Sailodbhava dynasty was known as

23. In which royal dynasty of early medieval Odisha, we find the rule of the queens?

24. Which among the following Queen built the Gauri temple at Bhubaneswar?

25. The Bhauma-Kara dynasty in Odisha had commercial relations with which country?

26. For the first time Kalinga, Utkala, Kongodo and Kosala were unified by

27. Which ruler of Somavamsi dynasty started the construction of Lingaraj temple?

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