Few Lines On Credit Card to Know

Credit card is one of the part of digital India

People use credit cards for quick and secure payments in today's cashless World.

The credit card is the way people borrow money from banks for their personal needs.

It is made from either plastic or metal material.

The first bank credit card for loan customers was issued in New York City in 1951.

Credit cards can be used to pay for bills, online shopping and even to withdraw money using an ATM machine.

For credit card, it is essential to have an account with a bank.

Banks do not offer credit cards to everyone. Instead, they check customers' accounts before issuing them.

You can get discounts in many shops, malls and online by using your credit card.

Every credit card has a limit on how much you can use it. This is determined by your bank or financial institution.

Each purchase made with credit cards is recorded. A complete list of purchases is sent with your monthly credit report.

Credit cards provide insurance that covers card purchases that are damaged, lost, or stolen.