Ten Lines Essay on Cow in English

For Class 1-10th

The cow is one of the most beloved domestic animals Because it is so beneficial to humans.


The national animal of Nepal is the cow, which is also worshipped in Hinduism.


Two horns, four legs, and a long tail make up the cow's appearance. It also has a pair of eyes as well as a pair of ears.


A cow is an herbivorous animal, meaning they eat grass, leaves, and other vegetables.


Young children, women and the elderly can benefit from milk from cows. It provides sufficient calcium, increases concentration levels and improves memory.


The use of cow urine in the treatment of many deadly diseases such as cancer is a boon.


Cows need at least four hours sleep each night and a resting period of approximately one hour every day. They can also rotate their eyes in 360 degrees.


Cow dung can also be used to make manure or fuel.


A healthy, well-built cow can live for around 20 years. However, it all depends on their breed and type.


Cows are gentle, innocent animals that are peaceful and calm by nature.