The 10 Flat Tummy Tricks You Need Right Now

So you want a tight stomach? A flat stomach is key to looking good and feeling good in your clothing. Experts even say most fitness goals begin and end with a tight core in mind. When gaining and losing weight, the first people most people are sensitive to is actually the stomach area. Begin stabilizing your tummy with these tricks, and you can watch your confidence soar! I promise, no sit-ups included! So before committing to a Photoshop subscription to hide your tummy, try these 10 tricks that can zap you away in weeks.

Here are 10 ways to get you bikini ready and crop top comfortable on the next page:

10. Walk at least 10,000 Steps a Day

Take a walk at lunch, at break, before work, or even after! The possibilities are endless. Invest in a simple fitness tracker or keep your iPhone on you while you walk. No cheating! Keep your steps to 10,000 a day or more to avoid weight gain and keep your tummy in tip top shape.

9. Cut Excess Salt

Bloating is a result of excess salt! So really the key to a flat tummy is a limited salt intake. Try cutting out salty snacks and swapping salt for pepper, garlic powder, or any spice of your liking. And if you must salt, stick to natural kinds like rock, pink salt, or any grainy variety.

8. Eat More Fiber


Slow digestion leads to bloating and that puffed stomach we all try to avoid. Look for foods high in fiber to encourage regular bowel movements and keep your stomach tight: some foods include oatmeal, apples, and black beans.  Even some berries may help!

7. Swap your Chair Desk for a Stability Ball


This is also so easy with such little work! Get a big workout ball and sit on it a couple hours at work instead of your chair. You will feel your core fire up, posture improve, and it’s really fun to bounce on! This trick really will help you feel flatter in no time.

6. Walk While Sucking in Your Stomach


Did you know you can work out your abs while walking? Contract your abs and walk with your stomach tight when walking around the house, office, or really wherever you are. This way you can get an added benefit while walking with truly minimal effort. The added benefit is also a good posture!

5. Don’t eat at least 2 Hours before Bed


This builds off the last slide of a light dinner. Do not eat right before bed, since that food will be hard on your body to digest. Your body needs to shut down before bed, and your metabolism shuts down as well. Only water before bed to keep yourself lighter.

4. Keep your Dinner Light


Try to consume the most of your calories for lunch and breakfast. A light dinner will keep your body focused on sleeping throughout the night instead of digesting your dinner. You also don’t burn any calories from dinner throughout the night, so keep it light to avoid weight gain!

3. Begin Yoga Practice


Did you know almost all yoga poses are created with a tight core in mind? Take advantage of promotional free classes in your area and get a yoga class in your schedule at least once a week. You will feel your stomach tighten as well as your shoulders, legs, and glutes!

2. Drink Green Tea after meals


Green Tea is famous for its antioxidant properties and has been cited as a weight loss aid in numerous scientific studies. Right after having a heavy meal, brew a green tea to kick your metabolism back into fat burning mode. While the tea isn’t a cure all, it can help keep you full and burn off some of the fat content in your meal.

1. Drink hot lemon water every morning


Hot water with lemon will alkalize your stomach to avoid digestive issues throughout the day. The lemon will begin burning your fat and kick your metabolism to initiate fat burning throughout the day. So skip the cup of coffee and grap some hot water and lemon to really zest up your day!

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