10 Unhealthy Diet Foods Nutritionists Would NEVER Let You Eat

04. Pretzels

Think you are healthy by eating pretzels? Think again. Pretzels have often been thought of as chips healthier alternative, but in reality they are just as bad or maybe worse. Think of white bread ridden with salt. High carbs, too much salt, and way too easy to eat way too many. Nosh on carrots with hummus as a healthier alternative.

05. Eggs in a Box

Pre beaten eggs in a box are literally a joke. Just buy the real ones and scramble them! You are saving maybe 2 minutes of work, and adding tons preservatives to your diet. If you are buying the egg white variety, I can understand a little – but again opting for hormone free organic eggs can add so many nutrients in your diet and are much more worth it.

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