10 Unhealthy Diet Foods Nutritionists Would NEVER Let You Eat

No matter how much exercise you do and how much you strive to eat well, there are some foods you should never touch. Nutritions will constantly tell you the right foods to eat, but should also tell you what to stay away from. We all know to stick to vegetables, low sugar, and low fat diets. But are there foods that are sabotaging all your hard work? There are just some foods that aren’t okay even on a cheat day!

01. Diet Drinks

Diet drinks are full of artificial flavors and sugar. The calories in soda are mostly from sugar, and in order to salvage the taste – companies will fill up with the drinks with chemically concocted sugars that are horrible for your health. Most even add the known cancer causer, aspartame. If you are really craving soda, the regular option is actually much healthier than any diet version you can get.

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